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Arrange and See Merit Slightly Before Cultivation in WOW

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The pioneers to a BOSS, are going to see Merit slightly and video, as a command, not only to see the professional, other professional to look after, the most important thing is to see details, many Merit slightly FARM is the time to write, fundamental with cultivation. According to their team situation for their team tactics set, through to his being summarized dozen, Before being arrangement: this is a headache, need each person according to different BOSS assigned to different tasks, such as YOGG who came into the door of some war, in which a strange, such as LK war which Ward chess who dizzy. The most depressed is, you in that shout for half an hour, the somebody else in it to be pretty casual, you points he go to the left, to open a he go right, you angry? You want to call names not? Really feel weak.