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WOW Gold: This includes understanding the basics about gear, stats, abilities, and cool-downs

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The two things that you need WOW Gold to learn to get the raiding instinct really have nothing to do with raiding. What they do have to do with is complete core basics of the game.

The first is to master your character, their rotation, understand their stats and benefits completely and to constantly looking for the best info on your class.

Additionally the player can buy cheap wow gold from us if they are trying to gather it. While this truly should apply to everyone that plays the game, it applies doubly or triply so to a raider, since you have so many other relying on you to be your best.

If you don't know if haste, crit, or hit is a better improvement for you at your current gear level, you shouldn't be raiding until you take the time to learn the differences between them. Basically, wow gold is also important to you.

The second basic element is to understand what each and every other class is best at and how they do it. This includes understanding the basics about their gear, stats, abilities, and cool-downs.

Again, it is best for everyone to know this anyway, but as a raider you are expected to. This is especially important so that you know who can buff with what, who can remove which debuffs, and something more.